ENTROPI Objectives

The ENTROPI Project will address the challenge of marine activities moving further offshore by exploring:

  1. How integration of multiple uses on a single platform could bring economies of scale;

  2. How innovation in key cost centres could make such platforms commercially viable 


The capabilities to be extended by ENTROPI will enable expansion of aquaculture capacity and renewable energy capacity; and it may also become a platform for development of offshore infrastructure for port trans-shipment, seabed mining and maritime security.

Introduction to the ENTROPI Project

The need for expansion of capacity in both renewable energy and in aquaculture production has been highlighted in a very wide range of policy statements and analyses, at UN/OECD, European and national levels.  Security of supply, cost-effectiveness and long-term resource sustainability are crucial strategic goals.  ENTROPI tackles these goals very directly: focusing investment on capabilities that could improve cost-effectiveness of enabling value chains so that environmentally sustainable infrastructure (eg marine renewable energy and offshore aquaculture) can be successfully deployed. 


The Atlantic sea-basin is the prime sea-basin in which to locate ENTROPI because it can support significant marine energy and aquaculture sectors, as well as extensive port activities.  Relevant facilities and capabilities exist in great strength within the Atlantic sea-basin maritime regions.  For this reason, the ENTROPI consortium comprises organisations that play leading roles in marine innovation along Europe’s Atlantic seaboard.

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