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Marine activities, notably offshore wind farms and aquaculture facilities, are moving further offshore as nearshore space becomes unavailable or unsustainable.  There is also expanding interest in locating some port infrastructure offshore, as existing port cities become less attractive due to congestion, environmental impacts and navigational constraints.

However, it is unclear if such infrastructure could be made economically attractive,  This will depend not only on technologies for engineering, building and operating the platform itself, but also on innovation to address technical and commercial risks along the complete value ‘net’, including: seabed anchoring and mooring technologies, thru-life maintenance and big data analytics, robotic aquaculture and handling systems, marine operations and many other capabilities.  

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The ENTROPI project will address this challenge by exploring:

  1. How integration of multiple uses on a single platform could bring economies of scale;

  2. How innovation in key cost centres could make such platforms commercially viable

ENTROPI will do this:

  1. By identifying and building an investment plan for advancing critical capabilities along the value chain, without which future multi-use platforms would present higher commercial and/or technical risk;

  2. By targeting involvement of SMEs in this value chain innovation, to tap existing capabilities and entrepreneurship, with a clear value proposition to stimulate SME participation;

  3. By focusing initial deployment potential on the Atlantic sea-basin which has strong industries in sectors that could benefit from multi-use facilities, including offshore wind, marine energy, aquaculture (increasingly offshore), port logistics (trans-shipment) and maritime security (surveillance and intervention);

  4.  By aligning the investment plan with regional and national investment priorities and specialization topics, to leverage funding resources as efficiently as possible.



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