In the coming years, the world’s oceans will see a growing development of marine infrastructures including offshore wind farms, marine aquaculture farms and offshore ports.  Whilst the need for such developments is dictated by the over-exploitation of coastal resources and ecosystems, it is essential to ensure that offshore developments are sustainable.  The development of such infrastructure must draw upon knowledge and technology across a wide range of disciplines, in order to reduce social and economic costs and minimise the impacts on marine ecosystems.

Offshore Platforms (also known as Multi-Use Platforms at Sea, or MUPS) can represent a solution to meet these growing demands. This website presents some of the leading technology development activities relating to multi-use platforms at sea.

The ENTROPI project looked at innovations in design, anchoring, shared uses and other areas that could achieve significant cost reductions for Multi-Use Offshore Platforms. To find out more click here

The OPEC project looked at the technical and economic feasibility of MUPs to support multiple energy devices and other compatible revenue generating activities. To find out more click here


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